• Salted Salmon ₪56

    Tzatziki, dill, radish,schug salsa, capers and bruschtta

  • Seafood Soup ₪58

    Shrimps, mussels and clams, leek and carrot, fish broth, cream and hot chili

  • Shrimp in Butter and Cherry Tomatoes ₪86/58

    white wine, parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, green beans, Dijon mustard, hot chilli flakes and herbs

  • Beef Carpaccio ₪56

    Olive oil, balsamic viniger from Modena,parmesan cheese and arugula in lemon

  • Ravioli De Toro ₪64

    Handmade ravioli filled with slow-cooked beef, red wine, onion, carrots in cream and parmesan cheese

  • Chef's bread ₪38

    Smoked labne cheese and roasted eggplant, Tzatziki, schug salsa, olives, pesto and tomatos salsa * There may be changes in the type of the dips

  • Cheese Moussaka ₪56

    Eggplant, pecorino and fetta cheese, pomodoro sauce, hyssop leaves and yogurt

  • Polenta Consalata ₪56

    Ground corn, butter, cream, parmesan cheese, truffle soauce, roasted mushrooms and green onion

  • Mushroom and Chestnut Risotto ₪64

    White wine and parmesan broth, onions mix, truffles and crème fraîche

  • Baladi Eggplant Carpaccio ₪46

    Tahini, lemon, radish, crispy chickpeas, coriander, tomato salsa and olive oil

  • Sainte Maure Brûlée Salad ₪62

    Salanova lettuce, seasonal fruit, radishes and roast pecans, with Sainte Maure cheese brûlée, in citrus vinaigrette and beetroot yogurt

  • Baladi Eggplant Carpaccio ₪46

    Tahini, lemon, radish, crispy chickpeas, coriander, tomato salsa and olive oil

  • Cauliflower Salad ₪56

    Roast cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, mint leaves, green onion and coriander on smoked labne

  • Sainte Maure Brûlée Salad ₪64

    Salanova and Lalik lettuce, seasonal fruits, radishe and roasted pecans, with Sainte Maure cheese, vinaigrette and beetroot yogurt

  • Beit Hillel Caprese salad ₪59

    Variety of tomatos, basil, red onion, kalamata olives, garlic confit, mozzarella and sheep's milk fetta with balsamic viniger from Modena

  •  Carciofi Salad ₪60

    Grilled artichokes, radishe, red onion, spinach, arugula, chickpeas, kalamata olives, tahini, olive oil and lemon

  • Cheese platter from the deli ₪55

    Five kinds of cheese, hand made crackers and seasonal fruit


  • Grilled Salmon in the Taboon ₪116

    Herbs and Dijon mustard marinade, mashed potatoes and side salad

  • Local Trout ₪118

    White trout fillet, tortellini filled with smoked labne, lemon zest and thyme in cherry tamatos sauce, leek, sea broth and lemon

  • Tagliatelle Nero ₪94

    Black pasta with squid ink, shrimps, mussels and oysters in a butter and cream sauce, leek, hot chilli flakes, herbs and lemon

  • Salmon Pappardelle ₪84

    Grilled salmon flakes, artichoke, Dijon mustard, cherry tomatoes, chilli flakes and herbs in a cream and tomato sauce

  • Salmon Artichoke ₪84

    Pappardelle pasts, Salmon slices, capers, cherry tomatoes and artichokes. Sautéed with cream tomato sauce, white wine, pickled lemon, Dijon mustard and parmesan

  • Beef fillet (250 g)/ Rib eye stake (300 g) ₪156

    Black Angus with truffle polenta, bone marrow and side salad

  • Smoked Gnoochi ₪88

    smoked chicken flakes, grilled onion, cream, parmesan cheese, Dijon mustard and smoked paprika

  • Charcuterie Carbonara ₪94

    Spaghetti in pecorino cheese and egg yolk cream, basil, thyme and garlic with charcuterie mix, four season pepper and onion

  • Black Angus Gnocchi ₪102

    Sliced ​​beef fillet, mushroom mix, cream, basil, beef broth and white wine with crème fraîche

  • Cheese Ravioli ₪84

    Filled with ricotta, grana padano and gorgonzola with beet cubes, goat gouda, balsamic viniger from Modena, onion and thyme, beet cream and white wine

  • Tortellini Verde ₪84

    Handmade tortellini filled with arugula, spinach, onion, and ricotta cheese in a cream sauce with pickled lemon and tomato salsa

  • Pumpkin and Chestnut Ravioli ₪85

    "Handmade ravioli filled with pumpkin and sweet potato, in coconut cream, basil, caramelized hazelnuts, chestnuts and white wine *option for goat's gouda cream sauce"

  • Aglio e Olio ₪78

    Sardi pasta with roasted tomatoes, confit garlic, basil, kalamata olives, schug salsa (parsley and coriander), parmesan cheese and olive oil * served at room temperature

  • Redifine Hamburger ₪78

    Tomato, basil leaves, balsamic from Modena, grilled potatos

  • Redifine Bolognese ₪76

    Tagliatelle pasta, tomato sauce, basil


  • Bianca Verde Pizza ₪74

    With garlic, nutmeg, blue cheese, spinach, champignon mushrooms, parmesan and mozzarella

  • Bianca Bacon Pizza ₪82

    With garlic, nutmeg, apples, red onions, bacon, parmesan cheese, mozzarella, Canadian maple syrup, and truffles

  • Sicilian Pizza ₪68

    Pomodoro sauce, capers, artichoke, red onion, goat's gouda cheese, parmesan cheese, mozzarella, truffles oil and arugula

  • Farmers Focaccia ₪64

    Roasted tomatoes, kalamata olives, green and red onions,sheep's milk fetta in balsamic vinegar and oregano, basil, parmesan cheese and mozzarella

  • Meat Focaccia ₪78

    Cream and demi-glas sauce, slow cooked osbocco, roasted carrots, caramelized onions, tomato salsa, sahug, parmesan and mozzarella.

  • Burrata Foccia ₪68

    Variety of tomatoes, basil, red onion, Kalamata olives, confit garlic and burrata cheese on focaccia baked in olive oil and parmesan cheese

  •  Do-It-Yourself ₪54

    Vegetables – 6 ₪ Champignon mushrooms /Red onion /Capers /Artichoke /kalamata olives /Roasted eggplant /Hot pepper /Basil leaves /Rocket leaves /Spinach leaves
    Cheese – 10 ₪  Feta /Goat Gouda /Blue cheese
    Charcuterie and Fish - 12 ₪ Bacon / Pepperoni / Anchovy

Kid's menu

  • Pasta without sauce ₪29
  • Pasta in Bolognese sauce ₪49
  • Pasta in cream sauce ₪39
  • Pasta in tamatos sauce ₪37
  • Pasta in Rose sauce ₪39
  • *Pasta can be replaced by gnocchi
    **Add mixed mushrooms NIS 6
    ***pasta sauces contain parmesan NIS 8

  • Pizza Margherita ₪38

    Sweet corn /Green olives /Champignon mushrooms

  • Cheese-Burger (130 g) ₪51

    Lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise with grilled potato

  • Double Cheese-Burger (130 g) ₪67

    extra meat patty (130 g)


  • Hazelnut Crème Brulee ₪42

     caramelized vanilla cream served semifreddo with hazelnut candy and berry sauce

  • Sassy Lemon cream ₪45

    Lemon cream in a crispy coating with almond crumble and passion fruit sauce

  • Dark chocolate mousse ₪42

    Chocolate bowl filled with mousse, olive oil, dark chocolate leaf, dried rose and cocoa crumble with gentle saltiness

  • Vanilla Pistachio Kadaif ₪42

    Caramelized Kadaif , mascarpone vanilla ice cream, pistachio sauce and white chocolate liqueur

  • Cheese Cake ₪44

    Creamy baked cheesecake, coffee liqueur and pecans cream with pecan crumble

  • Vanilla Ice Cream ₪10
  • Affogato ₪16

    A scoop of vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso

Cocktails MENU

  • Galilee Whiskey ₪52

    Jameson black barrel, honey, basil, lemon, apple, cucumber

  • Red Hot ₪46

    Campari, mango, lemon, berries, mint

  • Peach Margarita ₪44

    Tequila, triple sec, peach, lemon

  • Wild Appel ₪42

    Martini Bianco, vodka Riga Black, lemon, apple

  • Gin-Ger ₪54

    Gin, pineapple, orange juice, lemon, ginger beer